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ACE Human Resources Welcomes Jordyn Spina to the Team!

Last week, ACE Human Resources proudly announced Jordyn Spina joining the team as their first HR Advocate. Jordyn brings her background with a degree in Business Information Management and her passion for others to succeed through organizational structure to small businesses.
As a HR Advocate, Jordyn will be educating the small business community about the benefits of instilling workplace accountability, while maintaining an engaged workforce utilizing ACE Human Resources service offerings. When asked why Jordyn accepted the position, she replied, “I am excited to work with Christina Clark and ACE Human Resources because you can see the direct positive impact their services have on the local community.  I love that bringing structure to the small businesses not only helps the business itself but our friends, family and neighbors.”
Christina Clark, owner of ACE Human Resources, is also excited about the newest  addition to her team. “Jordyn’s infectious positive energy, respected reputation in the community and solid managerial skills make her a perfect fit at ACE”, stated Christina.  “Jordyn’s passionate spirit and innovative ideas are sure to bring us to new levels of success and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”
To find out more about ACE Human Resources, visit or email!

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