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Chamber Membership - A Key to Avon-A Beautiful You Survival

Did anyone catch my Blooper in the last newsletter??? 
Its worth 15% off your January purchase if you email me at!!
Valentines Day is around the corner…..
Don’t miss it!  Semi Annual Clearance Sale
Please Note: 
1) All discounts are available only if you order personally through Howie at Avon - A Beautiful You
2) If you order online, be sure to check off “Representative Delivery” if you are in Longwood, Sanford, Winter Springs,  or Lake Mary so you can get flyers and samples and be sure you check off “include brochure”.
3) Often items in the brochure sell out quickly, especially if they are not manufactured by Avon. Disclaimer:  Since the brochure is printed 6 months ahead of distribution, your Avon Representative cannot be held responsible for an item that is either Out of Stock (OOS) or No Longer Available (NLA).
Announcement:  When Avon sends out word via email to me that an item is back in stock, I try to put it on my facebook page right away. 
Special Happy Birthday
I give you $5 off when you place an order during your birthday month.   
Email me at or Text me at 407-373-4293 with your birthday
Happy January Birthday to: Jamie S of Longwood, Donna T of Longwood

C-03 Gotta Get It – 593-977 – New Skin Resolution Set on Page 44.  

Retail Value is $40.  Yours for $10 with $40 Purchase

Gotta get it! Start off the new year with a fresh skin care routine—high performance moisturizers, a skin-softening lip balm and a luxe exfoliating soap are all you need. 

Comes with two skin care essentials, a lip fave and a bath and body must-have. 

• Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25, .5 oz. net wt. 
• Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Night Cream, .5 oz. net wt. 
• Skin So Soft Original Lip Balm in Grape, .14 oz. net wt. 
• Veilment Natural Spa Himalaya Pink Salt Exfoliating Soap, 5.3 oz. net wt
Attention Veterans (including Spouses or Significant Others)
Receive a 10% discount on all Avon orders when ordering through me.
How do I pay my invoice?
Cash, Check, Venmo (@Howie-Appel), or Zelle ( or 407-373-4293)
Sign up for our facebook Page:
The Ordering Process:
Many have asked me for the website so they can order that way. This is a convenience that Avon offers.
Pro:  You will receive your product 3 days after you order it.  You can elect to have a new book sent you or no book sent you.  You can elect to have me deliver to you.   I then follow up, after being notified by Avon, with an opportunity to provide you with new books and samples delivered to your home or work.
Con:  If you purchase a product you will deal directly through Avon.  They will charge you $7.00 for shipping for orders less than $60.  When dealing with me personally, you pay only $.75 for a shipping fee with no minimum or maximum order size.  You get no samples through Avon.  I always include them.
A Little Humor – Courtesy American Legion Magazine
Doctor to Achilles:  “We don’t need to run any tests.  It’s your heel, Achilles.  It’s always your heel.”
FAQ about Avon!
Question:  Why do they want my email address? 
Answer:  1) Avon has determined that it’s a “privacy” issue 2) Representatives have been informed that no historical data will be kept for those without an email address 3)  If you do not have an email I, for the record, have your products coming to me and I keep new records reflecting the proper customer.
Question:  How many ways can I get a discount for my product? 
Answer: Four ways:  1) Veteran? If you or your Spouse/Partner is a Veteran= 10% discount. 2) Member of the Seminole County  Chamber = 15% discount.  3) During your birthday month= $5 off one order! 4) Bring me a new paying customer= $5 off your next order. You MUST tell me at the time of ordering!
Question:  What is the return policy
Answer:  Products cannot be returned after customer has them for 60 days.
Remember - Shop from your seat…NOT from your feet! (Especially important during Covid-19)
Avon is the Company for Women…And a Few Good Men!
Celebrating 17 years selling Avon!! - Winner of the Spirit of Avon Award, 2016
I sell Avon as a legacy to my late wife, Marla (19 54-2016).  My Partner, Vicki, is my motivator.
Howie Appel – The Avon Man, Independent Avon Sales Representative
246 Hanging Moss Circle, Lake Mary, FL 32746, 407-373-4293,
Member of the Seminole County Chamber
Howie Appel
Veteran, USAF
Your Local Avon Representative - The Avon Man

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