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Destiny Boaz releases ‘A Pastor’s Wife Survived the Mistress’

ORLANDO, Fla. – Having worked with the Body of Christ and the community at large for the last 20 years, counseling on relationships and marital issues, author Destiny Boaz chronicles how “A Pastor’s Wife Survived the Mistress” (published by AuthorHouse). Drawing from her personal experiences, she helps readers understand that there is a root problem that must be dealt with before entering marriage. 


According to the author, for the past 20 years in the church world and in the business world, so many great marriages and families have fallen apart. Leaders have failed to give their followers and supporters a closure on what really happened in the marriage. Especially in the church world many are left hanging and hurting because, they have lost trust. A pastor’s wife, the author is the first to bring out a true, open, honest and transparent story, letting her readers know why and how her own marriage fell apart. She believes that healing must take place in the lives of God’s people. Closure is very important for one to move forward. 


This book will appeal to readers, men and women because the home is in trouble, and marriages are in trouble. Sometimes they feel something is wrong, but they cannot put their finger on it. This book will help them identify why the intimacy in their marriages is over, why the communication in the relationship is dying and why the intimacy goes cold, and the passion dies. 


“All relationships must be built on openness, honesty, and transparency. People should not carry their baggage of the past into the marriage,” Boaz says. “Your title as a person has nothing to do with your bondage.” 

Destiny Boaz, who is Paula Loblack was a pastor’s wife for 20 years. She is the first to detail her true-life story about why and how her marriage fell apart in her first book, “A Pastor’s Wife Survived the Mistress.” She pours a treasure of knowledge and divine wisdom into a tragic personal story that ends in triumph. 

“A Pastor’s Wife Survived the Mistress” is an open, honest, and transparent woman of God’s true-life story whose journey as a pastor's wife for 20 years takes her to the palace and the pit. Prophetess Destiny Boaz made history as the first pastor’s wife to release such an open, honest, and life-changing story about her marriage to a highly effective but very unfaithful pastor. She has written one of the best books on the Jezebel spirit in light of the new insights that she provides.

Prophetess Destiny exposes her scars to let the world see that being vulnerable in your pain is alright. She believes this kind of transparency must bounce back successfully after a betrayal. This is one of the best books written on relationship issues and the importance of finding solutions to our internal struggles. Her divine wisdom, courage, and honesty have earned her the right to be heard and celebrated. 


“A Pastor’s Wife Survived the Mistress” 

By Destiny Boaz 

Hardcover | 6x9in | 254 pages | ISBN 9781524615512 

Softcover | 6x9in | 254 pages | ISBN 9781524615505 

E-Book | 254 pages | ISBN 9781524615499 

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 


About the Author 

Destiny Boaz, prophetess, pastor, teacher, author, international evangelist, TV personality and woman of God, is known to make a powerful impact on the lives of many, challenging them to live a fruitful and productive life in Christ Jesus. She is the host of School of Deliverance Internet TV and Radio show. Her powerful messages on deliverance and inner-healing have set hundreds free from their bondages. 

Author Contact  
Impact Deliverance Center, 3599 W. Lake Mary Blvd. Suite 1B-4, Lake Mary Florida 32746, 

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