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Don’t Get Dumped This Valentines Season!

Thirteen Gift Tips to Create A Memorable Experience for Your Sweetheart 


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift. At Expressions Gift Co, we take gifting very seriously! And we believe that giving should create a “feeling” that conveys your love, not simply a transaction to be forgotten. 

Conveying how you feel about your loved ones has become even more important this year. We've faced a worldwide pandemic, economic downturn, and more together. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to express just how glad you are to have had your partner through it all. 

Not sure where to start? We've created a short list of do’s and don’ts when gifting this year to help!

The Dos

• Give a gift that fits the essence of your relationship. If you've been together for only two days, don't overdo it (unless you are really trying to seal the deal)! If you've been married for 25 years, it's time to surprise them with something extraordinary.

• Traditional flowers and chocolates are still a great option. Put a new spin on them by having the flowers and chocolates incorporated in a gift box that is staged to perfection. You can make a statement with a gift assortment rather than a singular item.

• Something homemade or personalized is sure to warm the heart! Create a Valentine your way with pink or red stationery. Write a love letter, or make sure that a personalized note expressing your love is included in your gift delivery.

• DIY or hit the easy button and find a company that will customize a gift filled with items that will delight your Valentine with things like relaxing spa products, their favorite snack foods, or collections that reflect their hobbies and interests like sports collectibles.

• Plan ahead. Make reservations at a white-tablecloth restaurant. Better yet, book the one where you had your first date! If you're not going out just yet, order in and create your own dining experience! Don’t forget the details and ambiance with candles and rose petals.

• Spend time together - Give an experiential gift that incorporates something to do that you will both enjoy,such as camping out, a couple's massage, cuddle up movie night, or a weekend beach getaway.



The Don'ts

• Don't wait till the last minute. You don't want to be the shopper buying the stuffed bear with a heart or aheart-shaped candy boxes at the local drugstore.

• Nothing screams “last-minute gift” like roses from the roadside stand or grocery store.

• Don't give the cheap chocolates that leave a waxy coating in your mouth. Go for the good stuff. The same applies to a bottle of wine.

• Don't buy lingerie unless you're sure of the right sizeand that your Valentine would enjoy the gift. Too big or too small, and they might be insulted or think you don't know them very well.

• Do not give a gift card under any circumstances. It's way too impersonal for this holiday and screams that you don't know them at all.

• Don't give a gift associated with chores, such as a vacuum cleaner or organizers. We cannot emphasize this one enough!

• Don't think your gift has to be expensive. Gift smarter, not pricier. Give it some thought and search for unique, thoughtful gifting options before heading out to the store.


This year, take the time to pick something that will create a wonderful memory for your Valentine. No matter what you decide, when you choose something that has meaning, represents who they are, or shows that you put some thought into it, you can't go wrong. For more custom ideas, visit


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