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Dr. Tina Calderone to Speak at Professional Women's Luncheon

For nearly a decade, Dr. Tina Calderone has been a fixture on the dais at the Seminole County School Board.
She's also a fixture in the community, attending all the key events and being very accessible to the county's residents.
But, did you know she was raised in a low-income household with divorced parents and an alcoholic mother? Did you know that she has never had a resume, as she was always recruited for her positions? Did you know she was top sales person at two national companies?
Throughout her life, Dr. Calderone has found her passion and her purpose and shown a perseverance atypical to most.
Come hear the inspirational story of success from Dr. Calderone at the March 28 Professional Women's Luncheon to learn something new about one of Seminole County's great leaders.
Register today here as only a limited number of tickets are left.

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