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Experience First Launches IGNITE X ™ to Create a Unique Opportunity for Students to Drive Positive Change in Orlando

Experience First announced a new social impact project today that is bringing big changes to Orlando. The company created IGNITE X ™ to merge business with community interests, offering students the opportunity to get hands-on professional experience while giving back. 

Experience First is an innovative, action-oriented experience agency that helps companies develop lasting brand loyalty among clients and employees. "We believe in an inside out process," says CEO, Kimberly Kapes. "You have to start with individuals, then businesses, and communities. More than ever, companies are competing to keep employees and customers and focusing on the personalized experience they receive. We're thrilled to use our resources to design a project like IGNITE X ™ and enable students to see how powerful creating memorable moments for someone else can be, not only on a small scale but also on a large scale."

IGNITE X ™ will operate with the mission of creating change in younger generations, focusing on enabling teens to make a difference and begin transforming their communities. Through the development of soft skills and application of the experience mindset, students gain what they need to succeed in business today, and tomorrow. 

"We believe feeling valued and happy should be something everyone, everywhere can experience and that it can be accomplished with youth leading the way," says Tyler Eichner, President of IGNITE X ™. "With the support of Experience First, students will be exposed to a unique signature educational experience. They will learn about the growing experience economy and the art of creating meaningful moments that build loyalty for businesses and teams."

Experience First will fund IGNITE X ™ with proceeds from its custom gifting affiliate, Expressions Gift Co., and select three projects annually, with the first one already underway. Through the program, youth from across Central Florida can become involved and engage with partner non-profits, associations, local impact groups and businesses. Students will also be eligible for up to 50 Bright Future volunteer hours each year and have the opportunity to apprentice in the LEAD X™ Academy, an innovative educational opportunity that immerses professionals from multiple industries across the country in the principles of experience design.

"It's time to create a world where people receive the incredible experiences they deserve. We know moments create meaning that leads to connections and we can't wait to share our proven Experience First model with students," says Kapes. "We believe Orlando can lead the way in the experience economy of the future." 

For more information about the IGNITE X ™ project, contact them at or call us at (407) 349 3559

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