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IBERIABANK Pledges $500000 to Local Food Banks

Orlando,  FL  -  IBERIABANK  (,  the  133-year-old  subsidiary  of  IBERIABANK  
Corporation,  is  pledging $500,000 to local food banks.

The COVID-19 health care crisis has created hardships for many individuals and families across the  country. The loss of jobs,  reduction  in  compensation,  and  inability  to  send  children  to  school  or  daycare  have  created  a  growing  need  to provide access to food in our communities. To help address this pressing issue, we are pleased to pledge $500,000 to food banks in our communities.

In  Central  Florida,  the  Bank  is  pledging  a  total  of  $25,000  to  Second  Harvest  Food Bank.  Our  donation  will  provide support to food pantries across the market. “There have been so many people world-wide negatively affected by the COVID-19  pandemic,”  said  Ross  Breunig, Central  Florida  Market  President  at  IBERIABANK.  “Our  priority  is  to  provide support  to our  associates,  clients  and  members  of  our  community.  Our  local  food  banks  are  short  on  supplies  and working non-stop to provide food to all those in need. We are thankful to those that are dedicated to keeping the food banks fully operational in order to support a great need during this time of uncertainty and crisis.”

IBERIABANK Corporation, a Louisiana corporation, is a financial holding company with 321 combined locations, including 191 bank branch offices and three loan production offices, in Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Georgia,  South  Carolina,  North  Carolina, Mississippi,  Missouri,  and  New  York,  28  title  insurance  offices  in  Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana, and mortgage representatives in 84 locations in 12 states. The Company also has 14 wealth management locations in five states and one IBERIA Capital Partners L.L.C. office in 


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