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Innovative Features Seminole County Businesses Should Add to Their Next Newsletter

Your company’s newsletter is one of the primary lines of communication between you and your audience. You use it to share news, promote products, and drum up engagement. Too many small businesses leave money on the table, though, with newsletters that do not fulfill their potential. If you want to wield your newsletter as the powerful marketing tool that it can be, consider the following innovations courtesy of the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce that you should integrate into the next one.


Share Information More Effectively


The primary objective of your newsletter should be the efficient sharing of important information with an underlying marketing intent. Creating an email newsletter helps you grow your customer base by connecting clients with engaging, shareable content, but its shareability is dependent upon the quality of the content in the newsletter. This is why it’s so important to invest in high-quality copywriting that can develop a brand voice for your business.


Any good copywriter knows that the subject line of a newsletter is one of the most important ways to make it stand out. In fact, Terminus reports that 47% of recipients will open — or not open — an email based on its subject line. This reveals just how important it is to come up with an interesting, engaging, and witty subject. Remember that it should also address your audience’s needs and concerns.


The newsletter itself should live up to the subject line by including information that’s genuinely useful to readers. In addition to a copywriter, you can get help from professionals such as web designers and graphic designers to ensure that the finished product is appealing to its recipients.


Demonstrate Value With Visuals


If you do decide to work with a graphic designer, you can uncover a world of possible innovations for your newsletter. A graphic designer can create a look that reflects your company and attracts more readers. When you’re communicating with them, you may need to email images back and forth, but JPG files can be too big. Alternatively, you can use a JPG-to-PDF tool to turn your image into a PDF and consolidate multiple images into a single file. 


There are many other tools you can use to modify, edit, and create your newsletter, and these tools can help you boost readership, too. The goal of every newsletter is to generate shareable marketing content that can spread across the web — especially on social media. In order to achieve this and boost the number of subscribers and readers, you should exploit the visual element of your newsletter.


Indeed, one of the greatest strengths of the newsletter format is its ability to combine visual and textual elements. You can incorporate both with an innovative data visualization graphic. Data visualization simply refers to an image that represents information — for example, a graph representing sales numbers. Incorporating graphics like this into your newsletter is an innovative and effective way to gain readers. These graphics are best presented in email as JPGs, so if you need to save your PDF as JPG you can use a free online converter. Simply upload the file to the converter, select JPG as your desired file type, and click “Convert.” Then, you’ll have a high quality graphics file that is perfect for your newsletter.


Take Advantage of Your Newsletter’s Full Potential


Your newsletter is a great opportunity to generate social media shares, reach new customers, and share content with which your readers will engage. All of these outcomes hinge on your ability to create a newsletter that’s truly engaging, though. You must incorporate innovative elements such as data visualization, witty subject lines, and high-quality content to do so. Remember that you should use a PDF-to-JPG tool, too, when you need to add a high quality graphic to your newsletter.


If you’re ready to grow your business with the help of great local resources and partnerships, join the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce.


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