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Inspire of Central Florida Response to COVID-19

Inspire Adult Day Training (ADT): The ADT will remain closed through April 3rd, scheduled to reopen on April 6th.  As relayed in previous communications, we encourage you to keep your specialist home and practice social distancing in a continued effort to Slow the Spread of COVID-19, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. However, if it is necessary for your family to find alternative care solutions for your specialist, we are planning on reopening the ADT as indicated above. The ADT has been and will continue to be thoroughly cleaned. We will use all available space at the ADT to limit potential exposures and practice social distancing.
When we reopen, we will be limiting our hours of operation to allow staff to sufficiently clean the ADT each day. We will provide more detail next week in a Special Advisory. Again, staying home is the best option for your family at this time, we encourage you to avoid unnecessary contact to decrease the likelihood of a potential exposure.  
Remote Learning: In an effort to maintain communication with our specialists and their families, as well as to continue to engage the specialists in activities, staff members have been contacting the specialists and their families each day. We will be offering community resource information and also opportunities for continuing education. If you are interested in participating, we will send the information to you electronically. Please be sure to relay your interests and email address to the Inspire staff member who contacts you or contact for questions or concerns.   

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