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Local Elementary School Class Names Seminole County Fire Department’s Airboat 42

The Seminole County Fire Department’s (SCFD) new Airboat 42 stationed in Geneva at Station 42 recently went into service.  To name SCFD’s first airboat, the Fire Department asked for Geneva Elementary
School’s help. The winning name was “The Geneva Fire Falcon” and picked by Ms. Wood’s fifth grade class. The runner-up was “Lightning McSpeed” picked by Ms. Pascoe’s 1st grade class.
As a thank you, the winning classes enjoyed ice cream from Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream and treats from Mission BBQ.
The new airboat is a Diamondback 5-seater. In the past, Geneva has had flooding at Lake Harney during hurricane season. This new airboat can be deployed by SCFD personnel to make flood rescues to access residents on streets that may be flooded. The new airboat services all of Seminole County.
“The Seminole County Fire Department’s Airboat 42 Geneva Fire Falcon is a valuable search and rescue asset. It can go on both dry and traverse lands with floodplains and can be deployed for various calls to help serve our residents all throughout Seminole County. We thank Geneva Elementary School students for helping us name it as we truly are thankful to serve this community,” said SCFD Airboat Coordinator Lt. Ed Castlen.

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