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Seats Still Available for Employee Handbook Workshop

ACE Human Resources, LLC announces seats are available for the “How to Create Your Employee Handbook” Workshop this Tuesday, October 22nd from 1:00-3:30pm at ECPI University in Lake Mary.
The 2.5 hour workshop is designed to benefit general managers, operation managers, office managers, small business owners and new HR professionals in designing their company’s policies and procedures for current and new employees.  
The curriculum includes employee handbook structure, policy inclusion and exclusion, best practices, legal compliance, drafting employment policies, the "roll-out process" and performance management training.  Attendees will create their handbook's Table of Contents, discover what policies are pertinent to their company, learn legal verbiage to protect their business, become educated on state and federal employment law policies applicable to small businesses, learn how to use employment acknowledgement forms, learn how to draft an employment policy and be provided with sample policies to start their handbook!.  The "7 Most Unknown or Underrated Employee Policies" will be discussed to learn from other business' mistakes, planning the distribution and implementation process for rolling out a handbook, the communication procedure to current employees, and training on how to deliver disciplinary actions that increases productivity and reduces turnover while avoiding employment law suits. 
"When you think of an employee handbook, it is really just a book that clearly states what rules and expectations you have for your business.  It is a communication tool to avoid misunderstandings, and provide a resource for both managers and employees to refer to."  Christina Clark, owner of ACE Human Resources continues to share, "If operations in a business are not running smoothly, I often find it is because they do not have an employee handbook, or managers are not using the one they have correctly." 
Seminole Regional Chamber of Commerce members benefit from a deep $50 discount on the Employee Handbook workshop through your Member to Member deal.  Friends of the Chamber can still receive a Hot Deal with the $47 ticket price using PromoCode 30OFF - register at
Can’t make it on October 22nd? ACE Human Resources, LLC will host a second workshop with the same material on Thursday, November 14th 8:00 - 10:30am at Rasmussen College on Douglas Avenue in Altamonte Springs.  Same discounts apply for Member to Member Deal and 30OFF PromoCode for non-members at  

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