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Seminole County Sheriff's Office - Coronavirus Update

It has been an extraordinary few weeks as our world faces historic challenges with the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Our agency remains committed to ensuring the public's safety as well as the safety of our staff during this uncertain time. We'd like to reassure everyone that we are still hard at work keeping the community safe during this time. To that end, we are going to provide some additional links and information below designed to keep protect the public health.

1. We recommend that everyone in the community follow the CDC's guidelines and practice social distancing, which is the practice of maintaining a distance of 6 feet from others, as well as avoiding gathering in groups of 10 people or more.

2. In addition, be sure to practice good hygiene by doing the following:

  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face. 
  • If you have to sneeze or cough, be sure to do so into your elbow or a tissue to avoid allowing droplets to move through the air. 
  • Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.

3. If you feel sick, or someone in your household is sick, you or your loved one are advised to please stay at home and contact a medical provider for additional help. 

  • Likewise, if you or anyone in your house has tested positive for the coronavirus, please stay home and away from other people.

4. If you are elderly or have a known underlying health condition, you are strongly advised to stay home and away from other people. Both of these markers have been identified as incredibly risky for catching the virus and suffering acute symptoms.  

5. Be advised that the Sheriff's office has also made the following changes to day-to-do operations:

  • In-person visitations have been suspended at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility (JEPCF). While there are no known or suspected cases at the JEPCF, limiting visitor access will help prevent the potential spread of the virus through person-to-person interaction. Inmates will continue to have access to video visitation services. The JEPCF will reinstate visitation after consulting with the Florida Department of Health in Seminole County. That date will be announced at a later time.
  • All fingerprinting services at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office are currently suspended until further notice.
  • All public meetings and events that utilize Seminole County Sheriff’s Office locations, resources, and personnel will be reviewed and decided upon individually. If a meeting, class, or event is canceled, a member of the SCSO will reach out to the organizer or participants directly to communicate these changes.
  • Both the Human Resources and Records offices will be closed to in-person requests. You can still contact our offices via the following methods:
    • Human Resources
      1. Applications will still be processed through the normal application process with email and phone contact.
      2. E-Mail – Questions regarding applications and background –
      3. Verification of Current Employees, Workers Compensation, Light Duty and FMLA –
      4. HR Phone – (407) 665-6621
      5. HR Fax – (407) 665-6602
      6. Mailing Address – Human Resources, 100 Eslinger Way, Sanford, FL 32773
    • Members of the public can use the agency website in order to enter records requests. Please note that mailed requests may have a longer delay then by e-mail, fax or phone.
      1. Website –
      2. E-Mail –
      3. Records Phone – (407) 665-6690
      4. Records Fax – (407) 665-6655
      5. Mailing Address – Records Office, 100 Eslinger Way, Sanford, FL 32773

6. If you or someone you know has suffered from substance abuse disorders (SUDs) in the past, you may find it particularly difficult to cope with the new circumstances we're faced with. To that end, we're here to help: simply text “OPIOID” to 898-211(standard text messaging rates may apply) or call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357). For more information and resources, please visit our Seminole Collaborative Opioid Response Effort (SCORE) website.

7. Florida's Attorney General has also activated the state's price gouging hotline. Price gouging is defined as when the price of a necessary commodity, like hand sanitizer or toilet paper, is sold at a price “significantly” higher than its average over the last 30 days. If you see price gouging you are urged to call the hotline at 1-866-966-7225 or file a complaint online at

For the most up-to-date information on how COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is affecting Seminole County, including closures, citizen hotline, travel, transportation, we ask that you please follow Seminole County FL on Facebook and regularly visit the Seminole County Florida Office of Emergency Management at the following website call the Seminole County Hotline at 407-665-0000.

The SCSO will continue to monitor and respond to the changes the community is facing in partnership with the Florida Department of Health in Seminole County, as well as Seminole County Emergency Management. The safety of our community and our employees is our top concern. We feel that by taking these small steps, we can assist with the potential spread of the virus, without a reduction of services that would negatively affect the community.

Be sure to follow us on social media (links at the bottom of this newsletter) in order to keep up-to-date with any law enforcement specific updates regarding the ongoing pandemic. 

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