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Over $200 OFF Employment Law Compliance and HR Best Practices Assessment

Offer Valid: 01/01/2021 - 02/28/2021
Taking the Headache out of Human Resources for small business managers and employees!
How well are your business operations complying with current federal, state and local laws and regulations? An employment law compliance audit and HR best practices assessment can answer that question for you.

ACE Human Resources is offering $200 off their Employment Law Compliance and HR Best Practices Assessment Package! HR audits are used to assess the compliance of your human resources policies and procedures. They can diagnose issues before they become real problems and help you find the right solutions. But HR compliance audits can be used for more than just defining risk. They can be used to identify what you are doing right, help you improve inefficiencies, and reduce costs. An HR compliance audit can help you see how HR can better support your overall goals to build a better business.

The assessment includes the following:
  • Federal and State Employment Law Compliance
    • Mandatory workplace posters
    • Personnel files
    • i-9 Forms
    • Employment-related documents
    • Employee-related practices
    • OSHA requirements
  • HR Practices
    • Hiring procedures
    • Onboarding procedures
    • Disciplinary action procedures
    • Firing procedures
    • Company culture
    • Employee Retention

This Hot Deal is promoted by Seminole County Chamber.

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