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Our Savings Programs

The Seminole County Chamber has unique programs for our members and the community that can help them save thousands of dollars on anything from commercial leases and health insurance to Avon and business coaching.

Highlighted are our affinity programs, high-end savings programs exclusively offered for our members only. If you're interested in saving through these programs, join the chamber today!

You'll also find great savings below offered by our members for a limited time. All you'll need to do is say you saw the deal on the Seminole County Chamber's website.

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Health Insurance Savings

Through a partnership with MyHealthily, small businesses and sole proprietorships are able to find health insurance for coverage of their employees, their families and themselves. The program offers a wide range of plans and coverage types to fit any health insurance need.

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Office Supply Savings

By utilizing Office Depot's savings program through the Seminole County Chamber - now known as ODP - you can save hundreds of dollars on printing, office supplies and much more. Online and in-store options are available.

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Payment Processing Savings

We are introducing a new way to save money for our members who take credit cards. Using our partner Stax, your business can cut 40 percent off your credit card processing fees, using a local Seminole County Chamber member!

Offer Valid: 05/01/2023 - 05/31/2023
Are you tired of struggling to find the right talent for your organization? Are conflicts among employees disrupting your workplace? These are some of the most common challenges managers find themselves facing today.

Challenges for HR teams:

  • Creating job postings that attract the right candidates
  • Conducting effective interviews and onboarding processes
  • Creating a positive candidate experience
  • Handling conflict resolution
  • Managing employees in remote environments

Strategies to overcome these challenges:

  • Utilize HR tech to optimize job postings and make them stand out
  • Ask the right interview questions to ensure candidates match company's needs
  • Streamline onboarding processes with applicant tracking systems
  • Communicate clearly and often, avoid canceling or rescheduling interviews, and be transparent with candidates
  • Have a conflict resolution process in place and seek external support if needed
  • Use employee engagement software to manage remote teams and promote culture and engagement

Additional tips:

  • Offer an open-door policy and address workplace negativity
  • Provide opportunities for feedback to address disputes proactively
  • Consider adding a conflict resolution policy to the employee handbook
  • Use gamification tools in employee engagement software to boost culture and engagement
  • Seek HR consultants for support with HR strategies and tasks

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