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Avon Does Have Fragrance-free Products

I am often asked what products does  Avon have that are fragrance free.  Many of us cannot use products on their faces that have “fragrances”.  I did some research with both Avon and my fellow representatives.  The answer, as I’d guessed, came from my fellow representatives who have faced problems of this nature in their own lives.  Here then is the answer to that “ongoing” question:

Big News: I was asked the other day about "fragrance free" products. I got an answer today and here it is: (from another Avon Representative):

All the Moisture Therapy Healing and Repair AND the Calming Relief products are fragrance-free. So is Anew Skinvincible, Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro is popular and  the representative reports she never noticed any scent at all but it isn't listed as being fragrance-free. (this representative has to have "fragrance free" products)

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