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Avon's Response to Covid-19

Do you fall into one or more of these categories: Baby Boomer, 55+, do you have a chronic illness, or are you fearful of the Covid-19?  My hope (prayer) is that if you do, you are maintaining Social Distancing and wear a mask on leaving your home.  Regardless of the “opening up of Florida” and the opening up of schools, we still need to be ultra-cautious.   Much of what I have been doing for 16 years has not changed.  I deliver products to doorsteps with little if any personal contact, wearing my mask.  Brochure bags have a doorknob hole so I don’t actually touch the door knob.
Please put a check or cash under the door mat or in some agreed upon location.  You are also welcome to use Venmo or Zelle.  I will be wearing a mask.  I will place the bag with product on the doorknob or elsewhere (per your request).   Thank you for your understanding.  This mode will remain in effect until we are informed by health authorities to remove masks.
Special:  Bug Guard with SPF30 only $8.00 255-278 - Bug Guard With Picaridin Aerosol Spray only $12.00 315-243 - Anti-Itch Spray only $6 529-481 – Avon Senses Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel – Was $7 Now $3.99 (in stock).
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Avon continues to expand its line.  Looking at the brochure, the products designed for kids has gotten much bigger.  We now have a household degreaser.  Check out the “Medicine Cabinet”! Avon is NOT the same business that was around when your grandmother sold Avon!
The Ordering Process:
Many have asked me for simply the website so they can order that way.
This note is to give you the pros and cons of that process.
Pro:  You will receive your product 3 days after you order it.  You can elect to have a new book sent you or no book sent you.   I then follow up with an opportunity to provide you with new books delivered to your home or work.
Con:  If you purchase a product and you find the product defective or not to your liking, you need to deal directly through Avon and I am not involved.  Avon will charge you $7.00 for a shipping fee for orders less than $60.  When dealing with me personally, you pay only $.75 for a shipping fee with no minimum or maximum order size. 
Do you know someone who is looking for part-time money?
Becoming an Avon Representative is FREE (at least until the end of the summer).  Due to the effects of Covid-19, many are seeking employment.  If you know someone who wants to join ply go on the web site and click on “become a representative” . 
Remember: Shop from your seat…NOT from your feet!
Avon is the Company for Women…And a Few Good Men!
Celebrating 16 years selling Avon - Winner of the Spirit of Avon Award

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