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A Back to Business Plan for employers before returning to work after the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

With all the changes that a person or business encounters after any type of local, national or global scale disaster we ALL need a plan to get back to business! Without it you will feel the impacts long after the event. We are
here to help with some important steps and ideas for you to consider so that you can start off on the right path of getting back to your business normal confidently!
At SERVPRO we have over 40 years of proven experience educating, empowering and assisting people and businesses in our local community following a disaster, large or small. 
    * Have an Employee Safety/Outbreak Response plan in place
    * Have a "fogging and/or high touch" cleaning performed before re-opening
    * Set up scheduled fogging/cleanings to be proactive instead of reactive
    * Have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on hand for employees such as masks and gloves
    * Have flexible scheduling/shift management if possible; create space separation
    * Educate employees on Good Hygiene!
    * Under the revised EEOC guidelines, if an employee displays symptoms of respiratory illness the employer may
       check the employee's temperature
    * Limit food sharing in the workplace
    * Continue with videoconferencing meetings when possible. If not possible, hold meetings in an open,
       well-ventilated spaces
    * Employers must maintain the confidentiality of any employee with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19        or other illness. There should be procedures and processes in place to protect their identity. However, an                  employer must inform employees of their possible exposure and allow them to do their own risk assessment            based on guidance from the CDC.
Should you have questions/concerns about fogging, high touch cleaning, etc., give us a call. 


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