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Choose To Win Conference Live Virtual Experience Speaker Topics

Positive Thought Alliance Foundation is presenting award-winning speakers for an inspirational and motivational event for success-conscious people!   

    This is a live and virtual live event experience hosted by the Marriot Courtyard Hotel in Downtown Deland. Join us as we learn from award-winning speakers the skills and techniques that got them to the top and keeps them moving forward individually and professionally.  

  Award-Winning Speakers Include:

 Lauri Ann Ainsworth, CEO of Richard Branson's not-for-profit, teaching and coaches entrepreneurs to be successful and community-focused. Learn how to do what you love and avoid burnout.

   Sean Donovan, Amazon's best-selling author of "Invest in Yourself". He will be teaching you how to write your life and make people "want" to hear your story. 

   Teresa Rand, Founder of Boss Lady Consulting. She is a successful business consultant, trainer, and coach with a groundbreaking podcast. She will be teaching on the power of influence. 

   Frank Stewart,  Zig Ziglar AND Napoleon Hill speaker and trainer giving his signature presentation, "Overcoming Adversity and Prospering Through Defeat". 

   This conference includes BONUS'S: Recording of the Live Event! A follow-up workshop with Frank Stewart teaching from his Performance Accelerator Guide and a pdf of The Performance Accelerator Guide. Order your tickets now!


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