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Cutting Edge Signs and Visuals Equips Businesses and Citizens with PPE As the State Continues to Open

The Company Offers Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Sneeze Guards, Social Distancing Signs and Floor Decals to Help Workers Fight the Epidemic.

Florida, USA, June, 2020 --  Covid-19 is waging war on social norms and behaviors. It seems difficult to interact with others in markets, offices, theatres, malls and playgrounds. Social distancing is a guideline universally acknowledged by experts. Man, being a social animal, can hardly avoid visiting markets, offices and playgrounds. Cutting Edge Signs and Visuals is a company that specializes in corporate branding and marketing, offers the best PPE as the State continues to open and enter phase-2.


Cutting Edge Signs and Visuals serves Central Florida Businesses and has been the member of the Seminole County Chamber since 2015. The company expands its services to the residents and clients during the post-Covid 19 scenario by offering Custom Dye Sublimated Masks. To ensure perfect safety, the mask has been made of two layers making it a 2 ply face mask that carries great bacterial filtration efficiency.

Working in post epidemic era demands high precautionary measures for employees and patron, Cutting Edge Signs and Visuals takes a step to ensure safety and protection as the State gears into phase 2.


As the State resumes its activities and moves towards normalcy, the demand for PPEs is on the rise. The company, therefore, feels it a social responsibility to equip the employees efficiently against the threat of the Covid 9. Cutting Edge Signs and Visuals offer creative and user friendly protective equipment like Custom Label Hand Sanitizer, Sneeze Guards, Social Distancing Signs and Floor Decals. These products have been specially designed for the ‘new normal’.


Health professionals urge people to strictly follow the precautionary measures to avoid the second wave of the epidemic. Avoidance is the only way forward to keep the people safe. The efficient and reliable protective equipment of Cutting Edge Signs and Visuals guide the employees and workers towards a safe and healthy environment.


The Covid-19 epidemic does not seem to last longer but its impacts would last longer than one’s expectations. The pre-Covid-19 social trends are in the melting pot and new trends are rising on the horizon. From today onwards, social distancing and precautionary measures will be permanent. Dress codes will drastically change. The protective equipment of Cutting Edge Signs and Visuals offer the adjustments and solutions to the ongoing dilemma. Being an emblem of limited freedom and full package protection, the products of the company prioritize protection, creativity and innovation.

If you have any questions regarding the services of Cutting Edge Signs and Visuals please feel to contact us.

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