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Membership Has Its Benefits With Thousands Of Dollars In Discount Coupons

Sanford, Florida: Harry Parkhurst, president of The Cranefeather Society, announced the addition of a major member benefit.

“While joining our Freedom Brigade offers the opportunity to add the power of many voices and votes to compel the cutting of taxes by 40%. As members they will enjoy thousands of dollars in discount coupons to help cut costs at a time when we need it most,” Harry explained.

The Freedom Brigade was created to gather voices and votes in a 100 million-member organization. Its purpose is to be a loud voice to compel politicians to make substantial cuts in taxes. It is also intended to reverse the trend away from our Constitutional Republic to what would become, a socialist slave state. Specific objectives are outlined on the website

“Our objectives will take time. People, however; need real help now. That’s why we added this additional benefit, while we work together to change the negative and costly trends of our governments,” Harry added. “If governments, with all their taxes, could fix things, they would have done so by now.”

Despite comments to the contrary, governments can be changed. Americans have been doing it for over 300 years. But to be effective, requires a large number of individual voices and votes working together to make changes happen. Politicians will not listen until they are afraid of not being reelected. 

The Freedom Brigade says,” Let's make politicians afraid of us, the people!” JOIN NOW.  


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