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New Book Release: Silencing the Chatter Monsters-Move Beyond Your Fear

Rise and Shine CF  founder, Sheryl L. Mays shares the importance of moving beyond your fear and 

your possibilities. You probably woke up this morning wanting more. To do more, be more or live in 
a way that lights you up. But something got it your way, didn’t it? Maybe you stayed small, acted 
out of what you’re expected to do. Maybe you played it safe, instead of following your heart. We 
all have reasons why we’re not doing what we want, but if you give them a good hard look, most boil 
down to fear. It boils down to the chatter that we give permission to diminish our dreams. In my 
new book, Silencing the Chatter Monsters, you’ll witness and travel with an individual, known as 
the traveler, as she acknowledges her fear and uses it as fuel for motivation.

Sheryl Mays, author says, “When you are searching for clarity and direction the path is often times 
filled with negative influences. We begin to doubt ourselves, our existence and our purpose. We 
look for reasoning within the negativity, light within the darkness and opportunity within the 

Silencing the Chatter Monsters is a journey of an individual seeking answers that will allow her to 
find her purpose in life. For years she has continued to combat external critics saying you’re not 
good enough, not smart enough and not skilled enough to start the one thing she has always 
wanted…her own business.

Based on the taunting of the negative folks around her she doubted herself, and believed that her 
dreams would never come true. She doubted her decisions and spend countless hours daydreaming of 
that day she would step out on faith. The traveler sets out one day on a meditation walk and 
encounters several individuals that will change her life forever.  Mays says, “When we least expect 
it, the universe delivers us to those we need to meet.”

Sheryl L. Mays, spent more than 20 years training individuals in both leadership development and 
sales. She spend many years serving in the non-profit industry as a Director of Development, and in 
higher education as the Vice President of Admissions, training individuals on operating at peak 
performance. Today, she serves as the Founder of Rise and Shine CF.  As the company’s corporate 
trainer, keynote speaker and success coach she has witnessed many individuals wanting and searching 
for success; only to allow themselves to be defeated even before they start.

She has spent that past year interviewing individuals that have moved beyond their fear, silenced 
the chatter and accomplished their dreams. During these sessions they have shared their strategies 
and techniques that allotted them the ability to take that first step. Today they live and operate 
within their life’s purpose.

Silencing the Chatter Monsters- Move Beyond Your Fear, will be available on December 29th, 2019. 
For an autographed copy order your book, for $10, by 12/28/19. Contact Sheryl at info@rising-and- After the 29th  the book will be available via Amazon, at regular price.

Rise and Shine CF, LLC was formed in 2018 and serves as a training company with focus on 
Organizational Culture, Employee Engagement and Individual Empowerment. Our vision is to shift the 
foundation of thought, expand the possibilities of achievements and wake up the human potential to 
fulfill their aspirations. We work with companies of all sizes that are looking to better engage 
their employees thereby reducing employee turnover, while increasing customer retention and 
allowing them to exceed

goals. For more information about our company like us on Facebook at and follow us on Instagram or visit our website

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