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Neota Genske Featured in December's Heathrow Living

Meet Neota Genkse, owner of Genske & Co. Accounting and HR in the December issue of Heathrow Living. Neota and her family are featured on the cover as well as an article about her business. Get to know her on a more personal level in this magazine spread and book a private session with her to discuss opportunities for your small business or nonprofit organization.


Is your business getting too busy for you to juggle it all? Do you have a current accountant you’re not crazy about? You’re in luck, Genske & Co. specializes in all of that and more! 


What is Genske & Co.?

Genske & Co. is more than just an average accountant. We pride ourselves on taking care of your personal or business needs from bookkeeping to HR to CFO responsibilities. With over 20 years of experience and a Master’s Degree, Neota Genske developed her own company 8 years ago. Genske & Co. can help with your nonprofit organization, small business, personal finances, or large corporation. We offer a variety of services to be able to meet the needs of your growing business. Whether you need help with one area or several, we’re here to help! 


Where is Genske & Co. located?

Genske & Co. operates remotely out of Lake Mary, Florida to offer services to companies in all 50 states. Being remote allows for more opportunities to reach more clients and help several businesses. 


How do I get a free consultation?

Genske & Co. offers a free one hour consultation to discuss the needs of your company. We are happy to offer this service and find what fits your needs best. You can contact us directly at or talk to Neota in person at the next Chamber meeting. 

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