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Pam Hargis Receives the FocalPoint International Inc. 2019 Kaizen Award

SANFORD, Fla. - June 10, 2020 - PRLog -- During its 2020 Annual Conference, FocalPoint Business Coaching awarded its annual Kaizen Award to Pam Hargis, a FocalPoint Business Coach based in the Florida area. Kaizen is the Japanese word for constant and never-ending improvement. The Business Coach who wins this award has shown personal tenacity and discipline by consistently working on their knowledge and skills.

"Pam has worked diligently to establish herself in her community and add value to every situation she encounters. Her focus on continuous improvement for herself and her clients truly embodies the spirit of Kaizen," says Margaret Maclay, Director Franchise Onboarding, Certification, Support, Assessment Center and Business Coach.

"I am so honored to receive this prestigious award after becoming a FocalPoint Coach two years ago," says Hargis. "I truly enjoy being a leader in my community and helping business owners, professionals and even high school students achieve more than they ever thought possible!"

Pam Hargis is a business performance specialist with more than 30 years' experience in corporate strategic planning and process development. Her visionary skills develop production efficiencies and strategies, maximizing profitability and productivity. Pam has assisted professionals and business owners to define productive and valuable use of their time, develop efficient and cost-effective operations, and increase profitability through personalized action plans. Her customized coaching, training and workshops positively impact participants' life/work balance, build leadership, simplify operations, and quickly achieve goals and objectives.

"I absolutely love working side-by-side with business owners and leaders and seeing the light bulbs go off when they realize how much more effective they can be with slight adjustments in their process and leadership. Helping first-time supervisors learn how to lead their team, guiding high school seniors so they enter the workforce or college with the tools necessary for success, creatively working with my clients to develop executable 5-Year Strategic Plans, building a business' internal assets so it can be sold for more than originally estimated, and steering business owners to work on their business vs. in their business so they can grow exponentially is incredibly rewarding!"

To find out more about what Business Coaching can do for you, contact Pam Hargis today.

About FocalPoint Business Coaching:

FocalPoint Business Coaching is based on the time-tested techniques of worldwide bestselling author Brian Tracy. For more than 30 years, the FocalPoint system has helped thousands of business owners and executives around the world with key issues such as time, team, money and exit strategy. FocalPoint Business Coaching emphasizes long-term relationships between clients and Business Coaches, helping guide clients to more success in their businesses and balance in their lives.

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