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Primary Partners, Florida Blue Program Lowers Costs while Improving Patient Care

Primary Partners, an integrated group of independent primary care physicians and specialists in Central Florida, announces it has achieved lower health care costs and fewer hospital admissions, readmissions and emergency room visits as part of its participation in Florida Blue’s Accountable Provider Program.
Florida Blue, the state’s Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, and Primary Partners have been working together to improve effective care delivery through monitoring emergency room usage by patients and coordinating to reduce inpatient admissions and readmissions—which can lead to higher medical costs.
In the second year of the collaborative program, Primary Partners achieved six percent lower total cost of care than the market. This was largely driven by its engaged physicians ensuring patients were getting the right care at the right time, in the right place and for the best value, resulting in a 7.8 percent lower inpatient admission ratesix percent fewer emergency room visits and a 3.5 percent drop in readmissions.
“Our physicians have made tremendous strides in achieving goals to improve health and manage health care costs while providing excellent care to our patients,” said Memory Crowley, DO, Primary Partners medical director. “By working cooperative with Florida Blue in sharing data, resources and expertise, we have been able to provide a holistic, end-to-end continuum of care to the 16,000 Florida Blue members under our care.”
Florida Blue’s partnership with Primary Partners in its Accountable Provider Program accomplishes the same population health goals as accountable care organizations, or ACOs.
“At Florida Blue, our mission is to help people and communities achieve better health. We believe reducing health care costs while improving patient care is an essential part of our mission,” said Chuck Divita, Florida Blue executive vice president, commercial markets. “We are working with forward-thinking providers like Primary Partners to change the status quo through initiatives such as our Accountable Provider Program. By working even more closely with providers we can help our members get and stay healthy and lower the overall cost of health care.”
Primary Partners is an independent physician-owned clinically integrated network with 80 of its primary care physicians participating in Florida Blue’s accountable care initiative. Behind the scene and contributing to the success of Primary Partners is an experienced population health team which is led by highly engaged physician champions that practice and implement strategies in their practices.
About Primary Partners LLC:
Primary Partners is a rapidly growing integrated healthcare delivery network. It has achieved top quality of care and value rankings four years running in the State of Florida and nationally. Our network of independent primary care physicians and specialists partner with payers seeking best practice results in quality of care and value.  We actively manage the health of our patients using patient health analytical tools supporting care delivery teams who directly engage patients and providers and coordinate care with our preferred hospitals and ambulatory care service network. Primary Partners LLC was one of the first Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in the country. We offer innovative and enhanced patient-centric, care engagement and communication methods which anticipate and prevent adverse health events and proactively improve outcomes through care coordination, timing and delivery of care. The organization is physician owned, led and managed with over 200 affiliated providers in nine counties in Central Florida. Our vision is to be the platform for independent provider practices to lead the industry in quality and value of care. We pride ourselves in being a voice for patients and independent physicians alike. Our business model achieves results with a centralized health service organization providing independent provider practices with access to the information, tools and resources required to be successful in a value-based healthcare world. To learn more about Primary Partners including becoming part of the network, please visit
About Florida Blue
Florida Blue, Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield company, has been providing health insurance to residents of Florida for 75 years. Driven by its mission of helping people and communities achieve better health, the company serves more than 5 million health care members across the state. In total, Florida Blue and its affiliated companies serve 27 million people in 35 states. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., it is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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