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Retaining Loyal Customers Can Save Your Business

Rise and Shine CF How well do you know your customers? Did you know that customer retention has saved millions of advertising dollars for companies? A customer that continues to make purchases, support your special offers, are comfortable trying a new product and willing to share their experiences with family and friends ensuring your business remains profitable.

On the other hand, a customer that’s not willing to make additional purchases, nor referral you, can create a disproportion in your revenue goals. In other words, retaining your customers can increase your revenue and save on advertising costs. Customer retention is a game very well played by companies in tune with their customers’ needs. 

Recently, I published an article in Entrepreneur magazine regarding the benefits of having a customer retention program that truly embodies the benefits of having your customers work for you. You can also see exactly what your customers are seeking in order to become your brand ambassadors. 

Here are a few benefits creating happy customers can do for your business:

  • Happy customers are 5x’s more likely to repurchase and create a sustainable relationship.
  • Happy customers are 5x’s times more likely to forgive that negative experience. 
  • Happy customers are 4x’s more likely to refer others.
  • Happy customers are 7x’s more likely to try a new product or service.

If you are thinking about your customer’s experience, please continue reading the article in entrepreneur magazine.

Also on Thursday, June 3rd I’m hosting a master class, Mastering the Art of Customer Retention, you will receive a free e-book, Don’t Sink the Titanic: Master the Art of Customer Retention. There is a member-to-member deal available for all chamber members by clicking here 

Rise and Shine CF, LLC was formed in 2018 and serves as a training company with focus on Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, and Lean Six Sigma. Our vision is to shift the foundation of thought, expand the possibilities of achievements and wake up the human potential to fulfill their aspirations. We work with companies of all sizes that are looking to better engage their employees thereby reducing employee turnover, while increasing customer retention and exceeding revenue goals. For more information about our company like us on Facebook follow us on Instagram , Follow My Blog or visit our Website

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