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Rise and Shine CF, Hosts The Game Changer Series-Day of Discovery

Sheryl L. Mays, Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Rise and Shine CF, is hosting a unique experience called the Game Changer Series-Day of Discovery. This event is for individuals looking to improve their lives for the upcoming year. Sheryl Mays states, “The greatest gift you can offer yourself, your family and your business is to be the best version of you. The Game Changer Series (4 sessions) focuses on self-discovery and the writing of your narrative. The term “Game Changer” means a new element that changes an existing situation in a significant way. It’s a person that knows a champion lies within waiting for permission to achieve greatness. Permission to have better results in their life, permission to reach for greater things and permission to do more, faster and with less effort. 

This event will be facilitated by coaches that are experts in the fields of Business Coaching, Health and Wealth. Our motivation for this event is to help people achieve multidimensional success. As coaches who care we are always disappointed when we meet someone who ‘has it all’ financially, but their health and relationships are suffering and the same goes for the person who is healthy and in love but has no money. Or an individual that is setting goals but lacks energy and vitality. Here is a chance to set yourself up to live a more meaningful life. And, this experience is for both men and women!”

Jodi Santangelo, Author of Dynamic Affirmations and Certified Law of Attraction Coach will facilitate a session called, Live in a Natural State of Abundance. She will help individuals understand the Law and how to use it to receive more of what they want in their lives. “My passion is to engage, educate, and empower people with ‘how to’ tools to succeed in their life and business”.

Shehara Wooten, Certified Financial Planner™ and owner of, Your Story Financial will facilitate a session on your financial story, Living Life on Purpose. She will go beyond the obvious financial planning aspects and focus on individuals looking at how their life purpose and finances are connected. “We believe everyone has a story, especially when it relates to one’s finances and we help clients craft their winning financial success story”.

Dr. Stella Wilson, Pharmacist and Owner of BeBalanced Weight Loss Centers, will facilitate a health insight for each session on understanding what’s going on with your body and how to effectively use that information for your success. When your health is under control you have the energy and vitality to pursue your dreams. “As a Pharmacist I was thrilled to find a non-medical approach to balance hormones for both men and women.”

This event will be 4 sessions, every Saturday from 9-12, beginning January 18 concluding February 8th. Sessions may be purchased individually or as the series (4 sessions). Seats are limited! 

January 21st is considered the saddest day of the year. This is because its weeks after New Year’s resolutions are made and unfulfilled. Let’s not go into 2020 with regret, feeling hopeless and not seeing a way out. Make this a Christmas gift, no more unwanted sweaters, socks, or just feeling anxious when searching for that perfect gift. Give a gift of life, a gift of health. Be a Game Changer! For detailed descriptions of each session visit:

Rise and Shine CF, LLC was formed in 2018 and serves as a training company with focus on Organizational Culture, Employee Engagement and Individual Empowerment. We work with companies of all sizes that are looking to better engage their employees thereby reducing employee turnover, while increasing customer retention and allowing them to exceed revenue goals. For more information about our company like us on Facebook at and follow us on Instagram


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