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The Circus Is Coming to Town

Before the circus arrives in town, the owners evaluate the demographics of the community to see if there are enough potential customers who are interested in seeing the circus. This is market research. 

The owners determine profitability by how much the average person may be willing to pay to see the show compared to how much it will cost to run the circus. This is pricing. 

The owners of the circus have established policies and procedures which outline the order and methods by which the organization will operate and the timing as well as all the means by which they will communicate with potential customers. This is the process.

 Before the circus arrives in town, advance people go out and place posters all about the town. This is advertising

Once the circus comes to town, all the wagons, animals and the marching band parade through the town. During the parade, the clowns hand each child a coupon for one free, child size cotton candy. This is promotion

During the parade, the elephants, “by accident”, destroy a section of the mayor’s fence in the front of his house and eat all of his roses. This is news

The owners of the circus immediately meet with the mayor; replace his fence and roses bushes. To make additional amends they paint the mayor’s house at no cost. This causes the mayor to hold a press conference to tell everyone what a fine, responsible company the circus is. This is public relations. 

Before the circus opens, the clowns go to the local veteran’s hospital to provide some free entertainment for those that cannot get to the show. And the circus gives away free tickets to the children in the local orphanage. This is goodwill. 

The circus sets-up in the location that is the most accessible and convenient to the customers. This is place.

Once the circus is open, the barkers along the mid-way entice the people to buy tickets to the show as well as the various side shows, arcades and rides. This is sales

The circus has made sure that the mid-way and all of the public spaces are well maintained and particular attention has been given to the bathroom facilities so that they are spotless. The staff has been trained to be friendly and helpful. This is customer service

Every soda, food package, sign, arcade prize, ride seat, souvenir, employee uniform, and tent flap are imprinted with the circus’ logo. This is branding. 

The circus presents it show. This is the product and product delivery

During the show, not only do the advertised acts perform, but there has been extensive and continuous in house training and rehearsal to assure that each show is consistent in what is presented to the public and meets or exceeds expectations. This is quality control that establishes the circus’ reputation. 

The circus office counts receipts and determines how much and which activities generate revenue. This is tracking.

The circus owners make sure that the staff is compensated appropriately and trained to not only do their job function but able to effectively and efficiently meet or exceed the needs of the customers so that the customers have a positive experience. This is human side of the business by serving all the people that engage the organization. 

All of this together is Marketing.

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