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Valentine's Day is coming and so is her birthday!!

Did I hear FREE???
Free fmg Glimmer Lip Conditioner
With any $30 makeup purchase on pp 4-41….$12 value  (limited quantities).  Retail value 794-578 $7.19
Free Far Away Infinity Eau de Parfum
With any $30 fragrance purchase pp 87-107. $25 value (limited quantities. Retail value 318-481 $17.99
Gift Card Policy
For the record, Avon does not sell "gift cards". Howie does!! You can buy the card in any denomination. It is NOT transferable. The customer must tell me who the recipient is. Gift cards can be used in 2 ways: 1) face value.... or 2) the gift card can be used as a personal discount (i.e. Someone with a $20 gift card buys something for $50, they only pay $30). Got Questions? Call me.
Please Note: 
All discounts are available only if you order personally through Howie at Avon - A Beautiful You
Disclaimer:  Avon Representative cannot be held responsible for an item that is either
Out of Stock (OOS) or No Longer Available (NLA).
Avon Supports Ukraine
Avon is proud to support Baranova 27 with a donation of much-needed hygiene products to
help the people of Ukraine. Donations included items such as soap, toothpaste, deodorant and more.
Baranova 27 is an amazing organization that was created by Sasha Chmerkovskiy and his sons,
Maksim and Valentin Chmerkovskiy, who you may recognize from Dancing with the Stars. (please remember, this is a program run by Avon, I do not have a direct connection with this program)
FAQ about Avon!
Question:  How do I get samples and what are they?
Answer:  Like everything else, I get charged for all tools.  Samples are available to me with a cost.  Those who
order product automatically receive samples.   Not all products come in sample form.  Skin care and fragrances
are the most common.
Question:  How many ways can I get a discount? 
Answer: 3 ways:  1) Veteran? If you or your Spouse/Partner is a Veteran= 10% discount. 2) Member of the Seminole County  Chamber = 10% discount.  3) During your birthday month= $5 off one order! You MUST tell me when making the initial order!
Question:  What is the return policy?
Answer:  Products cannot be returned after the customer has them for 60 days.
The Ordering Process:
Many have asked me for the website so they can order that way. This is a convenience that Avon offers.
Pro:  You will receive your product 3 days after you order it.  You can elect to have a new book sent you or no book sent you.  You can elect to have me deliver to you.   I then follow up, after being notified by Avon, with an opportunity to provide you with new books and samples delivered to your home or work.
Con:  If you purchase a product you will deal directly through Avon.  They will charge you $7.00 for shipping for orders less than $60.  When dealing with me personally, you pay only $.75 for a shipping fee with no minimum or maximum order size.  You get no samples through Avon.  I always include them.
A Little Humor
What do you call a pony with a cough?  A little horse   
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Remember: Avon is the Company for Women…And a Few Good Men!
Celebrating 18 years selling Avon!! - Winner of the Spirit of Avon Award, 2016 (just prior to Marla’s Passing)
I sell Avon as a legacy to my late Wife, Marla (1954-2016).  My Partner, Vicki, is my motivator.

Howie Appel
Veteran, USAF
Your Local Avon Representative - The Avon Man
Resume Writer-LinkedIn Expert
Call or Text: 407-373-4293
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