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Your Business Photographer is now FAA Licensed to Provide Drone Aerial Photography

As of December 31, 2019, there were approximately 160,302 drone certified pilots in the U.S., of those, only 10,818 or 6.7% were women.
Erin Kamalzadeh, with Your Business Photographer, has joined this group of individuals and is now FAA licensed to operate a drone. Many are not aware that in order to operate a drone, for monetary purposes, the operator must be licensed through the FAA.

Erin is born and raised a Native Floridian and understands the importance of economic growth and development in local communities. She has taken her photography experience and talent of over 18 years and made the decision years ago to support local businesses and professionals. 

Your Business Photographer is excited to be offering aerial photography for real estate and commercial needs. For more information please visit

According to the 2019 Multiple Listing Service statistics reported by Real Estate Magazine, properties with accompanying aerial images are 68% more likely to sell in comparison to properties without aerial photography. Aerial images will set your organization apart from competitors with unique visual perspectives. Aerial imagery is a wonderful tool to use in many industries including real estate, commercial, construction, parks and many, many more. Reach out anytime to collaborate ideas of how your business can use aerial images to improve your online presence for potential clients. 

Testimonial: "I have used Erin for all my home photos for many years of listing homes. Her photo’s have always stood out in the crowd, as being over the top AMAZING. She just kicked her game up to the next level. She got certified  (which is difficult )and is offering Drone Photography. In today’s competitive marketplace, having high quality aerial photos will bring great attention to my business. I would not use another photographer, she does not disappoint. Erin can capture that million dollar view! Win Win for everyone." Deb Fischbach, Realtor with Keller Williams at the Park

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