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Extraordinary WOW Deal

This one is geared to our female members (men, note to self, the female in your life is going to want this!!!).
Customer Newsletter - Howie Appel – The Avon Man
 Independent Avon Sales Representative, Avon - A Beautiful You
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 Deadline: Noon 07-02-2024, Email: - Phone/Text: 407-373-4293

                                                                      Campaign 13        Howie & Vicki
Campaign 13 Begins the intro to new products AND Mosquito Sales!!
Frequently Asked Question for Central Floridians: 
When is the mosquito season in Central Florida?
During the wet season, which typically runs from May to October, heavy rainfall leads to ideal conditions for mosquito breeding. Avon’s Bug Guard.  Ask me for details!!
Order NOW:
The WOW Deal: 5 Piece Set, Only $40 ($147 Value Code is 249-075
L-R= Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25, Anew Platinum Age-Delay Serum, The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser 10 fl. oz., Skin So Soft Soft & Sensual Shower Gel Bonus Size, Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Soft & Sensual Body Lotion.  I am already getting orders for this.  

Q: One customer asked me about jewelry (or any product) and the fact that they sell out quickly.  How can you get it quicker? 
A: Order on line.  You will receive product in 3 days.  If your order is greater than $60 you pay no shipping fee.  If it is less, you pay $7 shipping fee.
Q:  If your name is Howie, how come the website address ends in “mappel”? 
A:  The “mappel” stands for Marla, my late wife who, as an Avon Lady, passed away in 2016 from cancer.  I opted to keep the address in her memory.
Q:  How can I keep getting brochures in the mail?
A:  You must order once every 6 months to continue to getting mailers.  As postage rises so do my costs.
Q:  How do I get my birthday discount of $5 off one order during the month.
A: Ask for it!
Enjoy a little humor
The bank keeps calling me to give me compliments.  They say I have an “outstanding balance.”  A Customer at the seafood counter asked the clerk to throw his selection to him.  “why?” the owner asked.  “So I can tell my wife I caught it.”  
Courtesy American Legion Magazine
Happy June Birthday to:   
Nikki R of Longwood, Tina C of Winter Park, Terri C of Sanford, Sandy M of DeBary, Maria P of Longwood, Nikki R of Longwood, Margaret W of Longwood
Do I have your birthday- Good for a $5 Avon Gift Card
Are you on our facebook page?  Take a moment and join us at .
Is/was your spouse a veteran?  I am giving a 10% discount to all veteran households.
Remember: Avon is the Company for Women…And a Few Good Men!
Celebrating 20 years selling Avon!! - Winner of the Spirit of Avon Award, 2016 (just prior to Marla’s passing)
I sell Avon as a legacy to my late wife, Marla (1954-2016).  My Partner, Vicki, is my motivator and researcher.
Howie Appel – The Avon Man, Independent Avon Sales Representative,  Avon - A Beautiful You
246 Hanging Moss Circle, Lake Mary, FL 32746, 407-373-4293,
Member of the Seminole County Chamber

Howie Appel
Veteran, USAF
Your Local Avon Representative - The Avon Man
Member, Seminole County Chamber
Resume Writer-LinkedIn Expert
Call or Text: 407-373-4293
LinkedIn Profile:

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