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Seminole County Fire Department and HCA Florida Partner to Teach All Keeth Elementary Students Hands-Only CPR

Recently, the Seminole County Fire Department partnered with HCA Healthcare to teach all 550 Keeth Elementary School students (kindergarten – 5th grade) lifesaving hands-only CPR.

Hands-only CPR was taught 
by Keeth staff, the Seminole County Fire Department and HCA Florida Healthcare. The initiative is part of “Keeth has Heart,” which includes teaching students how to live a healthy life, learning hands only CPR, and participating in the Kids Heart Challenge jump rope fundraiser to benefit the American Heart Association.

Students learned about cardiac arrests, what they can do and how they can be empowered to help make 
a difference. Performing hands-only CPR doubles a person’s chance of survival.
Most bystanders won’t attempt CPR because they are afraid. For sudden cardiac arrests, you don’t need a team of medical professionals around you to do something. 

Chest compressions are just needed to move the oxygen in the blood to the brain, and that’s what matters most before first responders arrive. 

Time is tissue and seconds and minutes matter

It’s essential that when a cardiac arrest happens, first responders have the public’s help before arrival in order to help ensure that chain of survival. Sudden Cardiac Arrest claims one life every two minutes.

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