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Heat Advisory Issued, Extreme Weather Plan Activated

SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL (June 27, 2023)- Today, Seminole County heat index temperatures are expected meet or exceed 108°; as a result, a Heat Advisory has been issued by National Weather Service and Seminole County Emergency Management has activated the Extreme Weather Plan. 

The Extreme Weather Plan includes:

  • Seminole County Leisure Services making Relief Centers available to the public. Relief Centers are in County library branches and County (and partnering City) active parks. Water and indoor, air conditioned space is available for indivudals seeking respite.
  • Seminole County Office of Communications sharing public information and warning messages to help the public prepare for extreme heat conditions.
  • Seminole County Animal Services placing pet walking safety signs will be placed at County parks and shared information about dangers of hot pavement pets.
  • Seminole County Human Resources advising all outdoor employees to pay close attention to themselves when working outside and drink plenty of water.
  • Do Orlando North Sports Tourism advising all sports event managers and those utilizing outdoor recreation spaces to take special care as they conduct their events.
  • Rescue Outreach Mission and The Sharing Center coordination taking place to assess needs of helping persons experiencing homelessness. Emergency Management will move extra resources such as bottled water to Relief Centers, ROM, and Sharing Center.
  • Emergency Management placing a shelter on stand-by in the unlikely event a senior living facility, ALF, or nursing home loses power or A/C.
Emergency Management advises residents and visitors to follow these tips when it’s hot outside:
  • NEVER leave a child or pet inside of a vehicle
  • Stay hydrated
  • Monitor body temperature
  • Protect vulnerable individuals and pets from hot temperatures
  • Wear light, loose fitting clothing
  • Use shade, take breaks in cool places
  • Limit strenuous outdoor activities during the hottest parts of the day

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