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Off-Duty Firefighter Who Worked at Costco Saves Customer Who Suffered Cardiac Arrest

Altamonte Springs, Fla. – The Seminole County Fire Department (SCFD) recently celebrated a special Life Saving Award and patient reunification at Costco store #183 in Altamonte Springs. SCFD Firefighter Jordan Rodriguez was saving for his wedding and working part-time at Costco when this patient life save occurred.
On April 12, 2023 Costco customer 84-year-old Gayle Andrews was shopping and had just finished putting her last item away in her car when she felt dizzy. She saw Jordan in the parking lot collecting carts and told him she felt lightheaded. He immediately ran over to her and caught her before she fell on the pavement. Gayle went into cardiac arrest and Jordan immediately began lifesaving CPR. Costco staff called 911 and they retrieved an AED that could be used.
Within four minutes, the Station 13 crew arrived on scene and continued lifesaving treatment. Upon transport to the hospital, Gayle was awake and talking. That shift, Jordan’s Lieutenant Matt Lallathin was actually on duty at Station 13.
“I fully believe that Jordan’s quick action, calm demeanor and thinking were instrumental in this positive outcome,” said Lt. Matt Lallathin.
“Jordan is an angel and hero to my mom and our family,” said Melinda Andrews-Mayfield. “We believe this save was divine intervention with Jordan being at Costco near my mom and will the skills and expertise as an off-duty firefighter. We are so thankful for his lifesaving work and for the work of the Seminole County Fire Department.”
SCFD Deputy Chief John Thibert recognized:

  • Firefighter Jordan Rodriguez, with an Off-Duty Hero Award and Life Save Award.
Other Life Save Awards to the crew at Station 13:
  • Lt. Matt Lallathin
  • Firefighter/Paramedic Tanner Barley
  • Firefighter/Paramedic James Allen
  • Firefighter Noah Bartlett
  • Firefighter Jonathan Del Aguila
  • Firefighter Christian Recicar
  • Firefighter Josh Gundall
Rodriguez has been a Firefighter at SCFD for a little over a year and is currently enrolled in paramedic school.
About the Seminole County Fire Department (SCFD): The Seminole County Fire Department proudly serves a
County-wide population in Seminole County, Florida of nearly a half-million residents  with 20 fire stations. SCFD
is ISO Class 1 rated and provides emergency services to the unincorporated areas of the County and in the Cities
of Altamonte Springs, Winter Spring and Casselberry. The Department has first response agreements in place with
the Cities of Lake Mary, Longwood, Sanford and Oviedo. Follow SCFD on social on Facebook (@SCFD.1974),
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