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Assisted Living Locators Northeast Orlando Promotes Gardening for Senior Well-Being

As Spring approaches, Assisted Living Locators in Northeast Orlando, a senior care referral and placement agency, is championing the inclusion of gardening programs in local assisted living communities. Recognizing the significant benefits for seniors' mental and physical health, Owner and Senior Living Advisor Beau Herman is dedicated to promoting these activities, particularly beneficial for those adjusting to new living environments.

Gardening provides seniors with a sense of control and accomplishment, key in assisted living settings. The Alzheimer’s Society notes that gardening positively influences self-esteem, helping those with memory loss or physical challenges.

Herman stated, “Gardening is a crucial activity for seniors, enhancing physical health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. I’m committed to connecting families with communities where gardening is a vibrant part of senior life.”

The benefits of gardening include:

  • Exercise: Improving overall health through physical activity.
  • Dementia and Alzheimer's Care: Stimulating senses and reducing Alzheimer’s risk.
  • Socialization: Encouraging interaction and new friendships.
  • Environmental Impact: Contributing to a greener living environment.
  • Nutrition: Ensuring fresh, healthy produce for better meals.
  • Cost Savings: Reducing food expenses with home-grown produce.

“Gardening is a great way to get closer to our creator,” says Herman.

Assisted Living Locators Northeast Orlando recognizes the profound impact of gardening on seniors' quality of life. It is a key component in creating a nurturing, vibrant community for elders.
For more information about local senior living options with gardening programs, visit or contact 407-498-2536. 

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