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Welcome to the Family! Edge Consulting Welcomes Visual Impact Communication!

Altamonte Springs, FL – Looking for better responsiveness for their technical support issues, Ed Bookbinder and his Visual Impact team reached out to Edge Consulting to aid in their office systems management. Ed and his team are highly dependent on constant communication with their legal clientele and downtime can be catastrophic. When working on depositions that have critical deadlines and with lawyers who are time-conscious, it’s imperative to have up-to-date information at your fingertips. 

With thirty years of experience working with small businesses, and many of those in the healthcare and health insurance industries, Sean Esler with Edge Consulting was able to review their current systems and configurations, migrate their information to a self-contained and secure infrastructure, and place their systems on a constant monitoring program. By working carefully through the data and migrating the systems to a stable platform, Sean was able to ensure that all of Mr. Bookbinder’s needs and concerns were addressed and his mind put at ease.

The first step was creating a level of stability in their current environment. Next migrating the massive collection of videos and emails into an online structure that they had full access to and was secure. Finally, understanding that all of that data was highly valuable and sensitive, a secure backup system was put in place to make sure that it was always accessible when necessary.

Visual Impact Communications is an award-winning business catering to video production and convention requirements. Established in 1978, clients span tourist attractions, educational entities, corporations, and more. They provide tailored services, from project development to execution and completion.

Edge Systems, Inc is a business coaching and managed services provider in Casselberry, Florida. Founded in 2012, Edge Systems (formerly Zero Edge Unified Systems) helps new and emerging business owners recognize and overcome the challenges with entrepreneurship and provides small and micro-sized businesses with the technology support and management typically only available to large corporations.

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